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EU’s Democratic Compact: last chance for a Win-Win

There is still a slight chance to come out of this post-Brexit vote with a Win-Win for everyone- For the UK, for the Union, and for Democracy.

“Democratic deficit” is, of course, one of the strongest arguments of the brexiteers. Today, Merkel, Hollande and Renzi may propose to address it at European level, in three ways:

After doing so, the UK will have the opportunity to vote again, having in mind much stronger changes than those achieved in the February “deal” between the EU and the UK government.

More importantly, the February deal was a “zero-sum game”, where the victory of one part meant the defeat of the other. No wonder that, in a pure intergovernmental framework such as the European Council, very little can be achieved in this format.

Differently, the proposed “Democratic Compact” is a win-win-win game. Everyone is better-off after it: the Brave and Foolish UK citizens will see one of their main concerns addressed (actually, a concern that belongs to almost any European citizen on the Continent); they will also have a clear justification to change their mind on the vote.

With such a change, we are all better-off. We will have a stronger Europe which we finally can control. And, instead of being shocked, angy and furious with the British, we will thank them forever.
An EU Democratic Compact is really the last chance for the UK and for all of us.

(Meanwhile, you can take a more-proactive approach and use participatory democracy. If you are British, don’t forget to sign the petition to call for a second referendum. And more importantly, stand up for your rights as European citizen and get back your future by signing this brand-new petition to strengthen the EU democratic institutions)


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