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« L'Europe se fera dans les crises et elle sera la somme des solutions apportées à ces crises »—Jean Monnet

New Publication Out! Euroscepticism and the Eurocrisis

Finally, after precisely one year of peer-review, a new publication is out!  You can now download my paper “Hard-Line Euroscepticism and the Eurocrisis: Evidence from a panel study of 108 elections across Europe” from the early-view page of the Journal of Common Market Studies. The paper is available for download here.


The 2014 European elections led to a sharp rise in the electoral consensus of parties and independent parliament members perceived as eurosceptic. This paper analyzes the interconnections between distressed economies and the electoral success of hard-line eurosceptic parties. On a panel of 108 elections between 2008 and 2015, the random-effects model shows the relative effect of long- and short-term political trust, economic performance indicators, and institutional variables in determining the rise of hard-line eurosceptic parties. In contrast with previous studies, which have tended to de-emphasize the effect of economic performance in determining the success of eurosceptic forces, the results of this paper detect both a direct and a mediated effect of the economic crisis on the electoral success of hard-line eurosceptic parties.


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