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« L'Europe se fera dans les crises et elle sera la somme des solutions apportées à ces crises »—Jean Monnet


***please note that this page is not always up to date!*** Monographies and Special Issues • Nicoli, F. and J. Zeitlin (eds) (2019) Europe Beyond the Polycrsis? Politicization and integration … Continue reading

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Will she stay or will she go?

Will she stay or will she go? The UK is waiting to know the fate of May and of Brexit. A pivotal issue, at this point, is whether the Tories … Continue reading

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SPE Award Decision 2018

  Francesco Nicoli, who defended his PhD in February 2017, was awarded the Supranational Political Economy Thesis Prize for his dissertation on the Political Economy of the Eurocrisis, supervised by professor … Continue reading

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Beyond democratic deficit: modelling legitimacy and politicization

In a previous article, I discussed the fundamental issue of contemporary politics: the mismatch between “hyperglobalization” in economic integration, and “under-globalization” in political integration. This mismatch applies, especially, to the … Continue reading

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After the Election: scenarios and probabilities

In a twitter follow-up on my previous post on the flow-diagram of Italian Elections, I’ve been suggested to attach to my various scenarios on the election results some probabilities.  This … Continue reading

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Italian Elections for Dummies: a flow-chart

The Italian elections are approaching. After 3 governments led by the Democratic Party (Letta, Renzi, Gentiloni), the non-winner of the 2013 General Election, the country is heading towards an impossible … Continue reading

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New Publication out! do crises impact on preferences for fiscal integration?

In this paper, published on the peer-reviewed journal Comparative European Politics, I analyse quantitatively the impact of the Eurocrisis on preferences for fiscal integration. The paper can be downloaded here.  … Continue reading

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German coalition agreement- fully translated Europe programme

A new departure for Europe The European Union is a historically unique, successful project of peace; it has to maintain those features. It combines economic integration and welfare, anchored into … Continue reading

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A Bitcoinworld would be Liberism on steroids (if you are lucky)

I’ve been told that Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) are a revolution that would democratize the markets and shake the foundations of modern capitalism. Perhaps. But not the revolution I’d … Continue reading

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Eurozone reform – the devil is out of the box

Today the Commission released a long (very long) awaited package on the reform of the EMU. It’s the beginning of the end of a process that started in 2012 with … Continue reading

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The Scottish Trilemma

The Scottish Trilemma, by my wonderful students Rihannon and Amber. (Yes, they learn quick!)

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