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« L'Europe se fera dans les crises et elle sera la somme des solutions apportées à ces crises »—Jean Monnet


Monographies and Special Issues
• Nicoli, F. and J. Zeitlin (eds) (2019) Europe Beyond the Polycrsis? Politicization and integration in the age of shifting cleavages. Special Issue for the Journal of European Public Policy (JEPP). Status: Accepted by the Journal, waiting articles from contributors

• Nicoli, F. and T. Kuhn (eds) (2020) Collective Identities and Integration of Core State Powers. Special Issue proposal for the Journal of Common Market Studies. Submitted, awaiting selection

• Nicoli, F. (2020) Integration and Crisis: Path dependency from the Common Market to the European Fiscal Union
Monography (in finalization). Target publisher: Oxford University Press or Agenda Publishing.

Journal Articles Under review
• Merler, S. and F. Nicoli (2017) Convergence of economies, convergence of identities? Estimating the impact of the Eurocrisis on the process of formation of European Identities. In review at Journal of Common Market Studies (third review)
• Nicoli, F. (2017) Spillarounds, but mainly Spillovers? An empirical challenge to the intergovernmentalist interpretation of crisis-led integration. In review at Journal of European Integration (first review)
• Nicoli, F. and A. K. Reinl (2017) A tale of two crises? A regional-level investigation of the joint effect of economic performance and migration on the Eurosceptic milieu. In review at West European Politics (first review)
• Nicoli, F. (217) Path dependency and the five trilemmas of European integration. In review at Comparative European Politics (first review)
• Nicoli, F. (2017) Crises and institutional change in supranational institutions: the case of the EU. In review at International Journal of Political Economy (first review)
• Nicoli, F: (2017) Euroscepticism Eurocrisis and core-state powers: Reassessing legitimacy in an era of shifting cleavages. Chapter for the volume Baldassarri, M. and E. Castelli (eds) (2020) Opposing Europe, Springer, forthcoming.

Journal articles: forthcoming submissions
• Nicoli, F. (2017) “Politicization from above? The Eurocrisis and the role of the European Commission in the reform of the European Fiscal Rules”. In preparation for submission at European Politics and Society
• Nicoli, F. (2016) “Is the Eurocrisis a functional crisis? An econometric analysis.” In preparation for submission at Journal of European Integration

Double-blind Peer reviewed
• Nicoli, F. (2018) ‘Integration through crises? A quantitative assessment of the effect of the Eurocrisis on preferences for fiscal integration. Comparative European Politics, Online Preprint
• Nicoli, F. (2017) Democratic legitimacy in the Era of Fiscal Integration.
Journal of European Integration, vol. 39, Issue 4, pp. 389-404
• Nicoli, F. (2017) Electoral Euroscepticism and the economic crisis: evidence from a 108 elections panel study across Europe. Journal of Common Market Studies, 55, No. 2 ,pp. 312-331
• Nicoli, F. (2016) From Governance to Government? Towards a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union. Politica Economica-Journal of Economic Policy, Vol. 32, Issue 3, pp. 413-440
• Nicoli, F. (2016) Governance in the 2025 run-up: a Joint Budgetary Procedure. Perspectives on Federalism, Vol. 8, Issue 2, pp. 100-124
• Nicoli, F. (2015) Eurocrisis and the Myths of European Redistribution: Illegitimate, Unsustainable, Inefficient? Perspectives on Federalism, Vol. 7, Issue 3, pp. 19-48
• Nicoli, F. (2015) “Greece in the Euro: economic delinquency or system failure? A review.” Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol. 53, Issue 4

Book Chapters
• Nicoli, F. (2015) Legitimacy, Democracy, and the future of European Integration
Chapter in: Krieger, T., Panke, D. and B. Neumaker (eds) (2015) Europe’s Crisis: the conflict-theoretical perspective. Nomos Publishing, University of Freiburg
• Nicoli, F. (2014) Populism, Polarization, Politicization, Participation. Projecting the EU Beyond the Market? Chapter in “Growing Populism and European Elections.” Institute of European Democrats, Spring 2014
• Nicoli, F. and F. Zuleeg (2014) The Long Term Implications of the Euro Crisis for European Integration. Chapter in: Basevi, G., Daianu, D., D’Adda, C. and R. Kumar (eds) (2014) The Eurozone Crisis and the Future of Europe: Challenges and Prospects for Integration and Governance, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

Policy briefs and reports
• Alcidi, C., Barslund, M., Busse, M and F. Nicoli (2016) Will a European unemployment benefit scheme affect labour mobility? CEPS special report, No. 152, December 2016
• Nicoli, F. (2013) Pathways for a Genuine Fiscal U. nion. EPC Policy Brief, June 2013.
• Dhéret, C., Pascouau, Y., Lazarowich, A. and F. Nicoli (2013) Completing the Single European Labour Market. EPC Issue Paper No. 73, May 2013
• Dhéret, C., Nicoli, F. and F. Zuleeg (2013) The impact of the European Fiscal Union on regional authorities: in-depth analysis of Catalonia, PACA Region and Province of Trento. EPC Report for the Committee of the Regions, June 2013
• Dhéret, C., Nicoli, F. and F. Zuleeg (2013) The impact of the European Fiscal Union on local autonomies: in-depth analysis of Copenhagen, Warsaw and Bremen. EPC Report for the Committee of the Regions, June 2013
• Dhéret, C., Nicoli, F. and F. Zuleeg (2012) The implications of an EU fiscal union for local and regional authorities. Report to the Committee of the Regions, EPC, Brussels, November 2012
• Hallerberg, M., Marzinotto, Wolff, G., Andreicut, D., Granelli, G. Nicoli, F. and P. Schuseil (2012) An Assessment of the European Semester. Bruegel. Study in behalf of the European Parliament, policy department A-economic and scientific policy/ECON.

Peer-reviewed, non-blind
• Nicoli, F. (2016) Towards a new theory of functional legitimacy. Polish Journal of Political Science, Issue 3, No. 2, pp. 6-32
• Nicoli, F. (2013) A threefold model of Fiscal Union. Government: Pan-European Networks Review, Issue III, May 2013

Referred research contributions

• Bonatti, L. (2014) Verso un Meccanismo Europeo di Accordi Contrattuali.
Chapter in: Paganetto, L. (eds) (2014) “Revitalizing Anaemic Europe: Rapporto del Gruppo dei 20”. Fondazione Economia Tor Vergata, Eurilink.
• Kolev, A., Riess, D., Zachmann, G. and E. Calthrop (2012) Investment and growth in the time of climate change. European Investment Bank- Economic Department, Luxembourg


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